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country manager preparation and support

We give some examples of our products and services below, but we are more than happy to tailor what we offer to your particular needs.

Selection of Country Manager candidates

  • Job description; core skills; independent interview

Briefings for Country Managers

  • What to expect; core tasks

Advice on getting things moving on the ground

  • Getting started; staying onside

Advice on preparing integrated engagement plans

  • State entities; embassies; international agencies; neighbouring countries; competitors, peers and partners; other stakeholders

Advice on building and maintaining alignment with state entities

  • Getting to know the key players; building trust, respect and engagement; shaping constructive input, maintaining lines of communication; shaping difficult and/or sensitive conversations

Turnaround help and advice

  • Repairing and restoring reputation and relationships if things have gone awry

Building communication plans

  • Communicating complex messages clearly and simply; external communications; internal communications

Building community stakeholder links

  • Practical on-the-ground engagement

Preparation and delivery of meetings and/or presentations to stakeholders on behalf of clients

  • In-country, neutral or home locations

Independent/expert witness statements and testimony

  • Independent, expert advice to support your plans and objectives

Building teams in-country

  • Right size, right people, right place

Staying safe

  • Safety and security in a practical way; crisis and continuity management

Seminars for small businesses

  • Preparing for business, or perhaps a trade mission, in a new country

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